Thanks for checking out the Brushes Mastery Course. It’s the most comprehensive drum brushes course ever created.

There are over 100 instruction videos (Over 20 hours of instruction), 40 lesson PDF’s and 32 practice videos to increase your ability and confidence playing drum brushes in real musical situations. The Brushes Mastery Course will prepare you to play brushes in Jazz and many other styles at rehearsal, on stage and in the recording studio.

I’m drummer Von Baron and I designed this course based on my 35 years of brushing and teaching experience. I’ve used drum brushes in many musical styles in the studio and on stage with artists like Stanley Jordan, Benny Golson, Eddie Henderson and Geoff Keezer.

I want to teach you everything I do so that you too can be successful playing Jazz brushes! Join drummers in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America who are already improving their brush playing with the course. Sign up today and become smooth, confident and masterful with your brushes.


Below is a full lesson on how to play fast Swing with brushes. This will give you a taste of the course and how I teach. There is also a PDF download for this and many of the instruction videos when you join the course.

Below is the practice video for the Fast Swing brushes instruction video above. There you can practice with two of the top Jazz musicians in Japan. A drum chart (drum sheet music) for all practice songs is included when you join the course.

There are 31 more practice videos inside to help you hone your brushing skills and prepare for the bandstand.


Everything you need to succeed playing brushes in the real world of music.


Low one-time payment options. About $1 per video!


Learn with a relaxed, step-by-step method.

“The videos are informative, well presented, and high quality. I am loving this content and it is incredibly useful material.”

-Jonathan M.

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Note: After paying for the course, you will be directed to your account page. From there you can click on “Memberships” and “View” to access the course page.  For future use, you can log into your account page at any time and access your content the same way, 24 hours a day 7-days a week!

If you choose the Premium Plan, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your Zoom Lesson.

Jazz brushes and much, much, more


  • The gear to get
  • Brush motions and sounds
  • Drum tuning
  • Traditional grip
  • Jazz Swing patterns
  • 1/4 note pulse pattern
  • Playing in “2”
  • Feeling the time
  • 17 brushes rudiments
  • Triplet fills
  • Jazz accents and accent patterns
  • Ballad patterns
  • Subdivision
  • Double-time feel
  • Bossa Nova and Samba patterns
  • Drum fills using the 17 brushes rudiments
  • 3/4 Swing patterns
  • Switching from brushes to sticks
  • Cha-Cha pattern
  • Fast Swing patterns
  • New Orleans Second Line patterns
  • 12/8 Blues
  • Jazz Shuffle

  • Straight Eights (ECM Feel)
  • Calypso-Soca patterns
  • Pop patterns
  • Bolero patterns
  • Songo patterns
  • Baião patterns
  • Changing feels
  • Odd meters
  • The train beat
  • Using rhythm patterns to create grooves and fills
  • Mambo patterns
  • Afro-Cuban 6/8 and Bembé
  • Counting off the band
  • Brush Flair
  • Jazz Standard song forms
  • Playing kicks in the music
  • Motivic Soloing
  • Trading fours, eights and melodic drumming
  • Connecting your playing to the other musicians in the band
  • Practice with pro musicians
  • And lot’s more!

“I like very much the course and your musical approach.”

-Philippe P.

(course customer)

Next-level drum videos

All instruction videos put you in the driver’s seat. My innovative behind-the-kit GoPro camera angle gives you the detail you need to learn new brushes patterns and musical concepts quickly.

My front angle shows you what I am doing with my arms. This is important to demonstrate how much arm motion you need to play brushes.

learn Jazz brushes and many other styles with this innovative camera angle.
Jazz brushes can be a part of your drumming.

Nuts and Bolts

The BRUSHES MASTERY COURSE gives you all of the essential instruction you need to perform live music with brushes.

Smooth, Confident & Masterful

Instruction that helps you experience brushes as you learn. Through this unique teaching method, you will create your own smooth, confident and masterful sound.

3 Plans

With 3 plans to choose from, you can access powerful drumless tracks and additional PDF resources that help you learn even faster. All plans are one-time payments for lifetime access. Prices average only $1 per video!

One-Time Payment

Pay one time and get lifetime access to your plan. If on the Lite or Pro Plans, you can also pay the difference in plan pricing and upgrade your plan at any time.

Over 20 Hours of content

Comprehensive and effective lessons to help you learn what you want at your own pace.

There are 107 instruction videos and 40 lesson PDF’s. Included are also 32 practice videos with top-tier Jazz musicians to help you develop and hone your new brushing skills in real musical contexts.

3-Day Trial

Take the BRUSHES MASTERY COURSE for a test drive. If after 3 days, the course isn’t right for you, get a full refund.

It’s time to Master Your Sound

Click below to take your Jazz brushes playing to the bandstand. I’m looking forward to helping you become smooth, confident and masterful with your brushes. -Von

Learn Jazz brushes with the Brushes Mastery Course.

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